Blog Post #1 ~ My Philosophy on Life and Art

To me, art is the truest essence of life. It’s a fenestra to my sense of wonder and intrigue about the world around us. As a physician, I've witnessed thousands of patients whose lives have been abruptly changed by a life-altering diagnosis. At times we may attempt to convince ourselves that we are immortal, but in reality, we have no guarantees in this life. 

And so, I began to think about all those overseas adventures I had put on hold during my years of medical training, and soon enough, I voyaged to all seven continents. I’ve observed Tibetan monks in prayer, hiked the Virunga Mountains of Rwanda to marvel at the Silverback gorillas, photographed Bengal tigers in India and Emperor penguins in Antarctica. I’ve photographed the sunrise over the Taj Mahal and the northern lights over Iceland. 

Come along and travel the world through my images of inspiration. The pristine wonders I have been so fortunate to capture through the lens of my camera have provided a source of joy and fascination for my friends, colleagues and patrons around the globe. There are no rewinds in life so we must make the time to discover our inspiration, explore the extraordinary, create the unimaginable and then leave nothing on the table.

Harv Greenberg, M.D.