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Your Session:

Natural Light Headshots.

4 Looks for $395. Includes 300-400+ digital images.

3 Looks for $325. Includes 200-300+ digital images.

2 Looks for $250. Includes 100-150+ digital images.

1 Look for $150. Includes 50-75+ digital images.

Each “look” is defined as one wardrobe change or a change of hair/makeup or a background set-up change and consists of 50+ digital exposures. You’ll see all of the untouched, raw images within 2-business days of our shoot via a private, password-protected online gallery.

Retouched images are an additional $35/image.


All repeat clients are offered a 10% discount. However, this discount cannot be used in conjunction with periodic specials that are offered separately.

My Philosophy:

One of the advantages you’ll have by shooting with me, is my training as a medical physician. I graduated from one of the top 5 U.S. medical schools, U.C. San Francisco, and subsequently spent 6 years in post-graduate training learning Radiology and MRI. As a result, you’ll not only have the benefit of my in-depth knowledge of how the facial muscles work to create expressions, but also my years of training and experience motivating and inspiring my patients under stressful circumstances.

My sole purpose during our session is to accomplish your goals. You set the priorities and I will help you achieve them. I’m passionate about what I do behind the camera because I realize that what we do in our session matters. My goal is to exceed your expectations and for you to leave our session feeling like we nailed the shots you need to advance your career. Delivering on capturing the essence that is uniquely you is a big part of what we’ll focus on together.

There are two components to a great headshot look, confidence and approachability. During our session, I will help invigorate your confidence and enhance your approachability. I understand how stressful it can be to stand in front of a camera and somehow look natural.

My studio is located in Marina del Rey (see below for address and directions), across the street from the Venice Canals. You’ll find it’s a very relaxed environment and the wall to wall, floor to ceiling windows provide amazing natural light. On those rare occasions when it’s a stormy, gray day, I shoot with Profoto strobes and Arri Fresnel continuous lights.

Retouching and Printing

You’ll see all of your images within 3-business days of our shoot via a link to a Dropbox file.

Retouching is an important part of putting the finishing touches on your images.

Gently retouched images are an additional $35/image.


For women, I highly recommend using one of our recommended make-up artists. Fees charged by the make-up artist is in addition to your headshot fees. I’m not opposed to you hiring your own make-up artist or doing your own, but from past experience, the end result may not be as good as when the make-up is done by one of my recommended professional artists.

If you are a man, I recommend make-up if you feel your skin is uneven, blotchy, tired looking and/or extremely pale as well as if you plan on shaving halfway through your shoot.


Please come to the shoot with your hair styled as if you’re going to an audition or to work. Touch up and alterations to your hair can be made at my studio.


If you’re able, pop out the lenses for glare-free photos. Even if your glasses have an anti-glare coating, in most cases, glare will still be visible. Most optometrists will re-insert the lenses for a nominal fee.

Deposit/Hold Appointment Fee:

A $100 holding fee is required to book a headshot session. This $100 fee is nonrefundable, but is applied to the cost of your session if you keep your headshot appointment.

Session Fee and Balance Due: On your shoot date, the balance of your session fee will be due at the end of your session. We accept PayPal, cashier’s checks and cash. Personal checks and credit cards are not accepted.


Rescheduling with less than 10-business days notice is considered a cancellation and your holding deposit ($100) will be forfeited. If you do reschedule more than 10 days out from your original appointment, your new appointment must be within 6 months and your $100 deposit will be applied.

Late Arrivals:

If you’re late for your shoot, this will result in less shoot time and fewer images and/or looks. If you’re over 50 minutes late, this is considered a cancellation and will result in the forfeiture of your holding fee.

If I need to reschedule, you will receive a $100 discount off your remaining balance.

If you would prefer to cancel rather than to reschedule, and your appointment is more than 10 business days away, you will receive a full refund of your deposit.

Address, Directions and Parking

Studio Location:

3111 Via Dolce, Suite 306
Marina del Rey, 90292


  1. My studio is located in the beautiful 9 story Latitude 33 Sky Tower building on the corner of Washington Blvd and Via Dolce in Marina del Rey.
  2. Head West on Washington Blvd.
  3. Turn left at the light onto Via Dolce.
  4. Turn right into the very first driveway and then take an immediate left into the garage that says, “PARKING”. If guest parking is full, there’s usually metered parking on Via Dolce.
  5. Once you arrive, please call or text me and I’ll meet you in the parking lot and provide you with a parking pass for your dashboard.

Clothing Suggestions:

I prefer that everyone bring at least 5 to 10 different options for clothing. For headshots, you’ll really just need to concentrate on tops. The most important thing about the clothes you bring is that you have to love them! I don’t want to shoot you in anything that you don’t feel comfortable wearing. If you feel like your wardrobe is missing something, then go shopping and keep the price tabs on it so you can return the items you don’t want to keep after the shoot. I have a steamer so don’t worry about wrinkles.

Please avoid crazy prints or items of clothing with prominent logos. Think about what the characters you would play on TV or film are wearing and draw your wardrobe ideas from them. Choose colors that will compliment your skin tone and eye color. In general, blue eyes look best in blues, gray and pink. Green eyes look best in greens, browns, oranges and earth tones. Hazel eyes look best in greens, browns, oranges and earth tones. Brown eyes look good in any color clothing. Please try and avoid colors that are the same shade as your skin tone.

Some colors that look awesome in headshots include aqua, blue, black, brown, burgundy, coral, green, orange, pink, turquoise, teal, rust and yellow. White, beige and light pastels will also work, but look best with texture. Avoid bright red as it will overpower the face.

Be sure to bring a pair of blue jeans or dark pants. For women, be sure to bring undergarments appropriate to the different colors you’ve chosen and necklines.

Great Commercial Looks for Women: Casual and sporty, hoodies, tank tops, sweater sets, denim shirt or jacket, t-shirts, cap sleeve tops, textured sweaters. Colors that pop are great for commercials. Layering is great too.

Great Commercial Looks for Men: Casual sporty looks, denim shirt or jacket, flannel shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, work shirt, polo shirt, sweat shirt and textured sweaters.

Colors that pop are great for commercials. Layering is great too.

Awesome Theatrical Looks for Women: Upscale casual, sexy sweaters, scoop necks, spaghetti straps, tank tops, cap sleeve tops and V-necks are fantastic. Keep your neckline open.

Awesome Theatrical Looks for Men: Upscale casual, dress shirts; layering is great (e.g. t-shirt, collar shirt and a light Fall jacket). Crew neck, textured sweaters, V-neck and button down shirts, turtleneck are all great options.

Theatrical Looks to Consider: Bad boy/Bad girl, sexy soap opera, the love interest, the best friend, the mother or father of the bride, the ingénue or innocent girl, young student, the hero, the detective, the professional (lawyer, doctor, CEO, middle management, artist).

Business Look for Women: Jacket, shirt, tank top/shell. Suits should be a modern cut and fit well.

Business Look for Men: Suits, jackets, dress shirts, ties.

Once again, bring a large number of clothing options to allow yourself maximum choices. Layering is great! Keep your jewelry simple. A pair of stud earrings is all you need or you can avoid jewelry altogether unless you’re going for hip, trendy looks.

Helpful Tips Prior to Your Shoot

  1. Get a good night’s sleep before our shoot.
  2. Avoid alcohol, recreational drugs and salty foods the night before your shoot.
  3. Have breakfast or something to eat so you’ll have energy throughout our shoot.
  4. If possible, avoid running late and worrying about the shoot as this will undoubtedly carry over into how you look during the shoot.
  5. If there’s a certain angle of your face that you prefer or don’t like, please let me know at the start of our session.

Helpful Beauty Tips

  1. Pay extra attention to your skin a week prior to our shoot. Avoid getting sunburned or too tan.
  2. Drink lots of water.
  3. Drink green tea instead of coffee…it’s great for the skin.
  4. Avoid greasy food that may cause your skin to breakout.
  5. Try to avoid making any drastic changes to your hair prior to the shoot. It’s fine to get a trim or freshen the color. If your hair looks better when it’s slightly dirty, don’t wash it the morning of the shoot.
  6. Tweeze eyebrows.
  7. If you wake-up with puffy eyes, place ice, frozen food or a cold soda can over them for 15 minutes. Green tea bags also help with puffy eyes and dark circles. Place the used green tea bags in refrigerator until their cold. Sliced cucumbers placed over the eyes also works well. Placing your moisturizer in the refrigerator is also a good idea since the cold temperature will help reduce the puffiness.
  8. Please bring your own mascara, favorite lipstick or lip gloss and your regular styling products to the session.
  9. Finally, do the best you’re able to with your skin, but rest assured that my professional makeup artist, the natural light from my studio and the retoucher can take care of everything else. Let there be no doubt that together we will nail the headshots you need to take your career to the next level.
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